Sunday, 2 February 2014

Trio Ensemble speelt LIVE met Goedkope Versiertrucs


6 Februari 2014, 20h, 

Frankrijklei 14/2, Antwerp.

Expo with work by Bram Van Lovren, Sara Lauwereins, Wim Geeven, Ada Van Hoorebeke, Miljan Vukicevic, Nicola Dinoia, Nele Tas.

Trio Ensemble: Hannah Friese, Wietske Van Gils, Eva Van Deuren.


 above: batik instruments made from Goedkope Versiertrucs.

Goedkope Versiertrucs 31.12.2013

installation view: with video and plants by Siet Raeymaekers
installation view: the day after
Goedkope Versiertrucs is a workshop in Factor 44, Antwerp where you learn to batik and dye your old sheets with rust. Participants were: Yoko Enoki, Christine Reinhart and Hannah Friese.

Complementary Music, 2010 - 2013

3 Cassette Boxset, One Time Edition Of 41 Copies.

Three cassettes w/ music created by Hanna Giese (Moemlin), Eva Van Deuren (Orphan Fairytale), Wietske Van Gils (Huur Is Duur), Francesco Cavaliere (Sea Urchin), Lieven Martens Moana (Dolphins Into The Future).

produced in coöperation with  Edicoes CN / Cetacean Nation Cassettes.


These pieces where created as being the aural counterpoints for installations by Ada Van Hoorebeke. Both The Shop Floor and the a-side of Batik Toilet, are direct recordings of the sound loops present at the eponymous installations. The b-side of Batik Toilet as well as Spirits And Landscapes are composed collages of elements from sound fragments of the original installations.

These are three cassettes with beautiful, natural music. Accompanied by a ten page booklet, including photographs, drawings and text by Ada Van Hoorebeke.
Please note, this album is strictly limited to 41 copies  

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Shop Floor/ Exhibition views

                                 courtecy: Grimmuseum 

Side Program 

Saturday 19th October  

TRIO ENSEMBLE Live on The Shop Floor


Eva Van Deuren (Orphan Fairytale), Hannah Friese (Moemlien), Wietske Van Gils (ZimZimZim/ Huur is Duur)

play their acoustic set around The Shop Floor in Grimmuseum, Berlin.
this concert is Kindly supported by Flämischen Repräsentanz in Berlin and the Flemish authorities.

Saturday and Sunday 19 & 20 October
Batik Workshop (indigo/patterns)