Thursday, 25 March 2021


Rose Family Factory, 2021, installation view (Ada Van Hoorebeke), photo: HDKV 

WERK.STOFF Painting Award of the Andreas Felger Kulturstiftung and the Heidelberger Kunstverein.

Exhibition: 17/04/2021-13/06/2021


Artists (nominated by):

Mojé Assefjah (Chus Martínez)
Bradley Davies (Sergej Jensen)
Veronika Hilger (Jana Baumann)
Ada van Hoorebeke (Mathilde ter Heijne)
Anna Slobodnik (Julia Grosse & Yvette Mutumba)

The WERK.STOFF Painting Award conceives painting as an open concept. Beyond the connotation of the classical canvas painting, the prize embraces contemporary painterly practices that, among other things, expand the repertoire of materials and subjects by cross–culturally incorporating previously marginalized visual worlds and ways of working, extending into space, linking different media, and disrupting the common conception of painting. In this way, the prize emphasizes the polyphony of the medium, reflecting the ongoing transformation of artistic production and the plurality of experiences in a globalized world.