Friday, 17 September 2021

Pokeberry Circuit

Pokeberry Circuit (Ada Van Hoorebeke)

2021, pokeberries, white wine, silk, cotton, wax, rope, clips, pvc gutters, shoes, footbath, cooking equipment, backdrop stands, offset printing plates,variable dimensions, installation view

At Spoiler (Berlin) there grows a Pokeberry plant (Phytolacca Americana). It was raining so much all spring and summer, which allowed the plant to thrive. The pokeberry gives dye colour ranging from bright red to light brown. This is not a stable dye: it fades and changes colour easily. That could explain why pokeberry was rather used in the food industry then the textile industry. For example: for colouring wine more red. This practice got abolished, as the berries are in fact poisonous. That is, when consumed without boiling them first. When boiled, they can be mixed in food, wine and used as a dye. 

Van Hoorebeke shows Pokeberry Circuit an installation where one can have it all at once: a foot bath of pokeberry dyed wine, drinking and dyeing ones shoes at the same time. Proost!

Future Past Perfect

Spoiler (Berlin) 

Quitzowstraße 108

September 16 – October 3, 2021

A group show with: Emma Adler,  Merle Dammhayn, Lena Marie Emrich, Ada Van Hoorebeke, Daniela Marcé-Rossiter, Fabian Anselm Orash, Florian Neufeldt, Felix Oehmann, Katrine Hoffmeyer Tougard, Martin Remus