Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Installation with three dyed sheets from the mental health center, Altrecht; two branches from the woods; two black inkjet prints of tree patterns; the book: ´Die Welt der Farben’, covered and sealed with a print of a drawing by Ellen Beertsen en mevrouw T. Boeschoten made during the workshop ‘motief ontwerp’ at the unit Korenveld, Altrecht. 
(The work is made during a short stay at: Kunstenaarsverblijf Het vijfde Seizoen, Nederland 2011.)

I'd like to make a book about color. By coincidence Ellen Beertsen en mevrouw T. Boeschoten made  exactly the right design for a cover. I asked if I could use it, and I covered an existing book on colors (my favorite one) whit their design, and sealed it.  I am very happy with this object, right now it expresses my dream about color.

Thinking of the color of condensed dreams.

After filming the sheets in the woods, I gave two dyed sheets (one blue and one red) to the Korenveld, department of the 60+, mental health center. I gave The other three to the residency Het Vijfde Seizoen, located on the same ground.  I don’t know what will happen to the artwork/sheets; … I hope the few colored sheets could affect their surroundings comparable to the effect of Bach Flower Essences. An other option is to dye all the sheets of the whole center.

Upcoming: October 2017 - early January 2018 FAKE CALLIGRAPHY will be part of „something stronger than me“ WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels (More info soon)

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