Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Black Is the Color of Decay

Drawings by Yoko Enoki & Living sculpture by Ada Van Hoorebeke

Ada Van Hoorebeke will lead a workshop dyeing textiles with iron gall ink. The workshop will be part of an installation  with charcoal and iron gall ink drawings by Yoko Enoki. 

28-29 March 2015

BankART, Studio NYK, Yokohama

11-12 April
DOMA House, Kyoto

Upcoming: October 2017 - early January 2018 FAKE CALLIGRAPHY will be part of „something stronger than me“ WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels (More info soon)

FAKE CALLIGRAPHY 2017 Manoeuvre kunstenplek / Maartje Fliervoet / Ada Van Hoorebeke. Dimensions variable (1...