Sunday, 6 August 2017


 until January 7, 2017 Fake Calligraphy is part of „Something Stronger Than Me“ WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels. More info and subscriptions >HERE

Fake Calligraphy is Manoeuvre, Maartje Fliervoet, Ada Van Hoorebeke, as well as participants. Manoeuvre is a collective for artistic co-creation.
Fake Calligraphy is a sculpture inspired by the calligraphic batik, Batik Besurek, a tradition from Bengkulu (Indonesia). Batik Besurek, originally conceived by Indonesian Muslims, is derived from the Arab script but the signs are not always readable as such. The Fake Calligraphy sculpture presented at WIELS is inspired by those calligraphic batiks that are playing with the aesthetics of a written language abstracted from its original meaning. The sculpture is made as such that it can be activated, reminiscent of a workshop, where it serves as an environment to create a new interpretation of calligraphic batiks. In this sculpture different stages of batik production such as creating a design, transferring it in wax on texte and dying with natural dyes are used as a means of communication that goes beyond language barriers. Fake Calligraphy aims to be a platform for exchange of speech, body language and the sharing of different cultural knowledge in an artistic and social context.
You are invited to participate in the various production phases of Fake Calligraphy batiks.
                                                                                                              (Photo by Sabine Bolk)
                                                                                 (photo by Kristien Daem)

FAKE CALLIGRAPHY 2017 activation in WIELS session 1  
Manoeuvre kunstenplek / Maartje Fliervoet / Ada Van Hoorebeke / Participants

Dimensions variable (1 frame is 230 x 170 x 2,5 cm).
Batik with natural dyes on cotton, aluminum, stainless steel, Mortar boxes.