Thursday, 26 July 2018


by Division of Labour (>Link)

Artists: Céline Berger, Andrew Gillespie, Ada Van Hoorebeke, Jeremy Hutchison, 
Jasleen Kaur, Andrew Lacon, leeds Weirdo Club, Andrew Mania, Fay Nicolson. 

Opening: Friday 27 July 6-9pm 
Exhibition: 27th July-18th October
Paradise Works East Philip St, Salford, UK.  

Left to right: Ada Van Hoorebeke, Fay Nicolson, Leeds Weirdo Club.

Where Batik Belongs FFM – UKInstallation by Ada Van Hoorebeke, 2018. 
Blueback poster print (2x3m), batik and silkscreen with natural dyes, jars, urinating man (exchangeable). Dimensions variable.

                                             Detail: Blueback poster print (2x3m).


Detail: Urine collection in progress.

 Where Batik Belongs FFM – UK  is a pee collecting installation to dye new batiks. 
Batik is a resist dye technique most common in Java and in West-African countries such as Gambia and Ghana. I combine this technique with natural dyes according to old British and European dyeing methods using indigo and urine. for the group show Apparel with Division of Labour I made a new installation to collect urine. The urine will be used to continue my ongoing series of work.
 Where Batik Belongs FFM – UK.  is inspired by fairytale batiks from North coast Java, from the beginning of 20thcentury, depicting characters from The Brothers Grimm fairytales. Last year in Frankfurt, hometown of The Brothers Grimm, I met a band called Die Römischen Votsen, they gave me urine and they re-enacted a fairytale called Little Red Riding Hood for me. Photographed by Camilo Brau, at Air_Frankfurt, thanks to Ilazki de Portuondo, Elisabeth Ida Mulyani, Esra Altin, Kerstin Lichtblau to take part in the experimental creation process and now Division of Labour to realize this print and organise a urination corner at the Apparel show. 

So this is a sketch for the installation at Apparel in Salford: left three hankies I made in batik with natural dyes and with the urine from  Anna Hjalmarsson (DRV) the person on the poster. The poster (photo by Camilo Brau) in the middle 200x300cm. The  textile, silkscreen with natural dyes right side in front. 98x400cm.
On the floor left comes the collection of jars with urine contributions by visitors. Cheers! 

Sketch for the installation Where Batik Belongs FFM – UK.

Detail: Batik with natural dyes and urine by DRV, each ca.35x31cm.